Tips to leaving your pet alone at home

When pet owners leave their pets alone at home while at work, they most often feel bad, we tend to let our imaginations drift away, and we frequently dread the worst for our tiny dog. It’s equally possible that the contrary is true. We assume it’s all normal with our pet until we get home and find a huge mess. Animals are a creature of habits. Our pets have adapted to the lifestyle during the Covid-19 lockdown. As the world is heading towards normalcy after the pandemic, offices expect their workers to resume work from the office. If you’re one of those who need to join the office back, you’ve probably considered a million various solutions to help your pets cope with the situation. 

Separation anxiety is real in pets. Not preparing your pets to stay home alone can lead to psychological and physical illnesses in pets. Vets from veterinary clinics Virginia Beach recommend pet parents prepare their pets up ahead for the transition. 

Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your pets stay safe and fine all alone at home.

  1. Ensure that food and drink are readily available.

Your pets need to be adequately fed throughout the day. It is essential to provide your dog with proper nutrition and enough fresh water to stay healthy.

If you plan to cage your dog, ensure you get a kennel that is adequate to hold your pooch comfortably and has additional space for food and clean water.

If you leave your dog unattended in the apartment while you are gone, ensure their water and food dishes are conveniently accessible.

  • Maintain your dog’s activity level.

Dogs are clever creatures that require mental exercise to be active. They will create their own amusement if you do not supply it. If they choose to search through the garbage or chomp up your upholstery, this might turn into an emergency health situation. Your dog might ingest something they shouldn’t have or injure themselves. If you suspect your pet has swallowed anything or sustained an injury, bring it to Virginia Beach vet hospital for a checkup. 

To keep your pet engaged while you are gone, you do these things;

  • Turn the TV or radio on so that they don’t feel they are alone. 
  • Leave the curtains open so they can enjoy the outside view.
  • Give them toys with treats to play. 
  • You can consider adding a new pet to the family to keep the dog company. 

3. Exhaust your dog

Before heading out of work, plan to take your dog for a walk or exercise. The quantity of activity required is determined by the dog’s breed, present physical wellbeing, physical attributes, and weather.

In general, taking your dog for a morning walk or fetch game help burn off excess energy. Tiring your dog will help them relax throughout the day. Moreover, they will not feel cooped up indoors all day.

Offering an outlet for your dog to blow off steam before going out also helps to keep them from wrecking your home and belongings. Otherwise, your puppy may devote all of its energy to gnawing on upholstery and causing damage to your home.…