Can Your Dog’s Nose Indicate they are Healthy or Sick

If you are a dog parent or animal enthusiast, you definitely have heard the notion that a dog’s nose can reveal its health. According to the myth, by feeling and checking the moisture & temperature of the nose, you can determine their health. If a dog’s nose is wet or cold, he is healthy. On the other hand, if the dog’s nose is dry or warm, he is sick. However, vets suggest that the moisture of the dog’s nose can’t indicate whether a dog is healthy or ill. If you suspect your dog is unwell or experiencing any discomfort, you should bring them to the animal medical center Virginia Beach VA for examination. 

The truth is, the temperature of your dog’s nose can’t suggest its health. A healthy dog may have a dry nose, and a sick dog may have a wet nose. 

The dog’s nose is an essential part of its body. Dogs constantly lick their nose to keep them moist and cold. They lick their nose and make them moist so that they can smell things and determine the source of the smell. A dog that was sleeping and just woke up from slumber may have a dry nose as he was not licking his nose for a long time. 

If a dog has a warm or dry nose and exhibits other signs of illness like diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, weakness, etc., you should consult your vet or bring them to a pet care center for a thorough examination. 

How old is the “dog nose” myth?

For ages, people have believed the dog nose myth. This myth has put many dog owners in a state of panic. While the origin of the myth is unknown, many experts suggest that this myth first started circulating when the deadly canine distemper outbreak took place. In canine distemper, dogs with severe infection develop hyperkeratosis. The dog’s nose and footpads thicken and swells. When the canine distemper was more common, people would assess the health of their dogs by checking if their nose was wet and cool. A wet and cool nose was considered to be signs that a dog is healthy. 

What to do if your dog is sick?

Whether your dog’s nose is dry or wet, you should be watchful of other symptoms of illness. Make sure that you do not ignore apparent signs of illness and bring them to pet care Virginia Beach for a thorough checkup. If your dog’s nose is too hot or dry, take his temperature to cross the possibility of fever or other illness. 

Many illnesses and medical conditions affect the dog’s nose. Your dog’s nose may appear abnormal if he is suffering from dermatological conditions. Severe skin conditions can make your dog’s nose cracked and dry. Besides this, allergies can also make their nose dry. Like humans, dogs can also experience sunburn if they are exposed to the sun for too long. If you see sores, crusts, or cracks on your dog’s nose, don’t ignore the signs and take them to the vet. You should also get your dog checked by a vet if your dog is sneezing, wheezing, or nasal discharge. …